Monday, March 2, 2009

our weekend!! and finished 110

THE NEW 110!!!

we went to the brand new lucas oil stadium in indy for the monster energy supercross! so much fun.. We got there at about 1 and the final race ended about 9. After the race we went to the official after party, which was sponsored by FOX. So of course we were vip ha. We stayed at an amazing hotel in monument circle (I think thats what its called), thanks for finding it sue!!

One of the most memorable things beside the race was our HILARIOUS cab ride, oh and also seeing our whoopd on the jumbotron ha.>>>

I don't really get all technical with the races and everything like Bryan does, but Chad Reed is my favorite and he won(1st time this year; always gets 2nd)! So I was super pumped. =)

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  1. I am glad the hotel was a nice one, and that you guys had fun! That is what it is all about. Scott was pretty excited that he was on the jumbotron too, what a goober, lol. Question did you post end with you saying, I am super pumped, that is the last of what we see, but then there is a long gap until comments, just making sure I didnt miss anything!?!? Sue