Thursday, March 5, 2009

lovin the warm weather =)

we are sick, and its terrible! NyQuil and DayQuil have been our saviors this week...

On a brighter note- The weather is AMAZING!! I cant think of a better way to spend the nice afternoon than on our super cute new chairs i picked up yesterday, check out these bad boys....
and yes i did get lime green!Bryan gets home today from his indy trip, and we are getting our new FOX stuff tonight----very exciting ! I got some luggage for Nikki for her birthday and of course some for myself. We are taking like 4 vacations this year after all I will need something to carry all my stuff in..Bryan also got Nikki some more birthday gifts and some sweaters.

Speaking of birthdays.. Bryans godchild Lileighana Rose Wagner turned one this past week; she is getting so big AND is walking now!!

Tomorrow is my day off and I REALLY wanna go to IKEA we will see if I make it there. It is honestly the coolest place ever. Almost everything in our house is from there and let me tell you we have some super AWESOME stuff! Maybe I can talk Bryan into going too and stopping at red robin(california chicken burgers are the best)!! This is the rug I have really had my eye on..

love, bronny


  1. Lileigh is walking, I cant wait to see that new big sister!!! I love that rug, really cool, and yes I would love for you guys to make dinner for us sometime, you know your dad is dumb in the kitchen! LOL

  2. ps i hope you are feeling better, it sucks to be SICK!

  3. Wait a minute, where did those chairs come from, I LOVE THEM!!