Friday, March 20, 2009


I have fridays off which is totally worth working 10 hours M-TH I have decided!! I woke up with Bryan this morning (which is still sleeping in 3 hours for me) and went to the store. Well 3 actually ha! I made the motherload of grocery lists and went to different places for different deals! Boy did it pay off though! I spent half of what I usually do, and got way healthier stuff! It warrants a trip to the Gap i believe  :) 

Anyway I just got finished cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing everything. Now its time for Oprah. ha. Thank goodness the one spot I get wireless on my laptop is in front of the television! 

We are going to the Arenacross at NKU tonight, it should be fun! We got 5 free tickets so we are bringing WhoopD (aka Scott, Bryan's dad), Bryans friend Kyle, and Bryans little Tristan!!! I am very excited to meet Tristan it is his and Bryan's first outing outside of school! Bryan had to quit doing the in-school mentoring program because he got a lot more territory ( and $ lol) and it makes his job too demanding to be with his little during business hours. 

Tomorrow we are both working. Not so fun, but Sunday Bryan is racing and I am soo excited because it is outside!! 

 OFFICIAL Countdown to UTAH and SLC SUPERCROSS= 31 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps- I got a 100% on my chemistry exam last night!! woo hoo. I will know my business law midterm score from yesterday by Monday, and I am feeling very confident!

have a fabulous weekend blog friends !!


  1. You are the busy girl! Bryan is racing outside? I thought it was indoors. So how was Tristen? Scott said he did great!

  2. My family just got home yesterday from the St. Louis Supercross, they had a great time. They were disappointed that Travis Pastrana did not make it to the main.

    Good job on the exam!

  3. Hi, I stumbled accross your blog when I was 'blog stalking'. I think I must have been reading 'Grits and Glamour'. I was excited to see that you have a countdown to something here in Utah. I live in Provo, Utah. I hope you have a great time here and that Supercross goes well. Have you ever been to Utah before? I just started my own blog and you are welcome to leave me a comment there if you would like to do so at