Monday, April 20, 2009

random thoughts.

I just wanted to post how amazing my boyfriend is. He let me work on school work AKA THIS STUPID 'GROUP' (ALONE) PROJECT and did our laundry so we would have our most fav clothes ready to pack.


only 2 days until vacation!!!!

ps. we are going to look at houses with our realtor tomorrow. I will be sure to post pictures......

Friday, April 17, 2009

Isnt a day off relaxing? hmmm...

Well I just recieved an email from my teacher, and instead of enjoying my day off like I had planned it looks like I will be doing the paper making up for one member of my group being unaccountable

all i want to do is get a pedicure and go shopping at the gap and/or IKEA. i wish.

well at least bryan and I are getting haircuts at 1:30. woohoo i need my bangs trimmed and Bryan needs about 2 inches cut off! ha

So my day now consists of:
-wake up (to a picture text of an old friends newborn, congrats jamie and ellie!)
-make bryan breakfast ( my day off tradition)
-watch Martha Stewart (another day off tradition)
-recieve email from professor locking in my fate of writing a paper all alone this weekend.
-Look around. wow my house is a mess. please look at my evidence.

this is the 2010 shift mx gear. It has taken over everything. i must clean. I enjoy cleaning a lot more than writing about ponzi schemes.
-haircut in 2 hrs. ok. time to start working.

have a fab day everyone! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

new update on the group project from hell.

well i am in class and our sub. professer says, "time to work on your papers. due at 3." Well I get all ready to work put my usb in, get a drink, log in to my computer. After all this I said alright *** wheres ur part so I can copy it in and we can blend out sections, profread, and GO! He then replies with I LEFT IT AT HOME(totally unsincere voice may i add).after i said are you kidding and he assured me no. I said ok well i am finished with my part im not wasting my time here. goodbye

So now I am trying to email the professor something and I am unsure how to word it. I know "I HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT WHY AM I IN AN AWFUL GROUP WITH NO AMBITION FOR AN A+ LIKE ME " will sound unprofessional perhaps rude.


ps- bummer on the house evrything in it is older than dirt and would need replaced. At least the realtor is sending us a listing he just put on the market today. (I HATE GETTING MY HOPES UP ABOUT THINGS AND THEM NOT HAPPENING HOW I WANT THEM TO lol that sounded spoiled)
I promise I am not spoiled but I just hate how nice these agents dipict things online and then you look at it in person and you are like WTF?!?! seriously. well the search continues.....

despite all this its a beautiful day and i love it!

House hunting adventures

Well on the house hunting front Bryan is going to look at a 'mini farm'( 3bed 2 bath 11 acres of awesomeness lol) tonight that we are interested in. I really want to go too but I have a chemistry test I cant miss.. boo. I hope its the one its looks perfect for us on paper (especially with the price) If it turns out to be a possible house i will definitley be posting pictures and details!

Despite being so happy about looking for houses and going on vacation in ...6 DAYS I am so stressed out. I have 3 weeks left of school and I have a 98.4% in my business law class. Well I am in this group project that is due in 1 hr and 10 minutes. I have my part of the project complete and ready to go with the rest of my group members no where to be found. I have emailed and emailed, and it is definitley crunch time. All I have to say is if my A+ is jeopradized by the group members who think its cool to not do homework I will probably go insane!!!

UPDATE** I got in touch with my professor who is on vacation and she said she will give me an extension and work with me to get a complete paper. THANK GOSH!! :) It sucks that I will have to pretty much do all the research and writing on my own but at least it will be finished!

We havent really been doing anything too exciting. We filled our living room with tropical house plants, and Bryan is getting his 2009 Honda CRF250 this saturday. That is unless I can convince him spending 130 dollars a month on cool stuff for the house will be a better idea. just kidding.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Pictures!

Sunday was my dads surprise 50th birthday party! We barely made it since I was sick but I am glad I sucked it up and went!

Friday after the fish fry we went bowling with some of our friends!

This is Bryan and his dad/mechanic/whoopd on the line at his rce on Saturday

Bryan at the race..(pulled both holeshots, placed 2nd overall!)


Gosh there has been so much going on since I last blogged..I dont even know where to start. Ok now I do, lol.

Bryans mom went to the emergency room this weekend after her leg ( attached to the foot that was just operated on) was hurting and feeling wierd whatnot. Well turns out she has a very large blood clot in the right leg! VERY SCARY STUFF! So she was at the University of Kentucky hospital and they gave her shots(she would be injecting herself) to thin her blood. So now fast forward to Monday: After attempting(failing) to get in with the family physician she went to the local emergency room. They ended up running ALL the SAME tests as she had Saturday, and then ADMITTING HER!!!! very scary who wants to stay in a hospital when you dont feel sick or anything?!?! AND she isnt even hooked up to anything to monitor her. So what if something does happen with the blood clot and how will any of the nurses know???

So basically I have established this about hospitals:
1. It is too easy and/or cost effective to simply communicate with other hospitals/hospital departments(aka ER).
2. Some nurses are paid to act less smart than they really are (kind of like Jessica Simpson?)
3. They think drawing blood is fun, and will do it as many times as they want. Hoping you dont run out. lol

So if everyone could send out a few prayers for Sue that she gets better and can come home for Easter! And no more shots!

Speaking of legs, the redlegs lost the opening day game yesterday. That stinks even though I do not like baseball I like when a Cincinnati team wins something, but it rarely happens tho :(

On a better note, I made my first pot roast last night and it was very tasty!(Well thats what Bryan said, Im still fasting after my 4 day food poisoning bit)

I also made Cheesecake lollipops..

They turned out very good, Im going to make them again for Easter!

Well I have work to do I will come back later and post pictures from our weekend!!