Friday, April 17, 2009

Isnt a day off relaxing? hmmm...

Well I just recieved an email from my teacher, and instead of enjoying my day off like I had planned it looks like I will be doing the paper making up for one member of my group being unaccountable

all i want to do is get a pedicure and go shopping at the gap and/or IKEA. i wish.

well at least bryan and I are getting haircuts at 1:30. woohoo i need my bangs trimmed and Bryan needs about 2 inches cut off! ha

So my day now consists of:
-wake up (to a picture text of an old friends newborn, congrats jamie and ellie!)
-make bryan breakfast ( my day off tradition)
-watch Martha Stewart (another day off tradition)
-recieve email from professor locking in my fate of writing a paper all alone this weekend.
-Look around. wow my house is a mess. please look at my evidence.

this is the 2010 shift mx gear. It has taken over everything. i must clean. I enjoy cleaning a lot more than writing about ponzi schemes.
-haircut in 2 hrs. ok. time to start working.

have a fab day everyone! :)

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