Thursday, April 16, 2009

new update on the group project from hell.

well i am in class and our sub. professer says, "time to work on your papers. due at 3." Well I get all ready to work put my usb in, get a drink, log in to my computer. After all this I said alright *** wheres ur part so I can copy it in and we can blend out sections, profread, and GO! He then replies with I LEFT IT AT HOME(totally unsincere voice may i add).after i said are you kidding and he assured me no. I said ok well i am finished with my part im not wasting my time here. goodbye

So now I am trying to email the professor something and I am unsure how to word it. I know "I HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT WHY AM I IN AN AWFUL GROUP WITH NO AMBITION FOR AN A+ LIKE ME " will sound unprofessional perhaps rude.


ps- bummer on the house evrything in it is older than dirt and would need replaced. At least the realtor is sending us a listing he just put on the market today. (I HATE GETTING MY HOPES UP ABOUT THINGS AND THEM NOT HAPPENING HOW I WANT THEM TO lol that sounded spoiled)
I promise I am not spoiled but I just hate how nice these agents dipict things online and then you look at it in person and you are like WTF?!?! seriously. well the search continues.....

despite all this its a beautiful day and i love it!

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