Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dinner is our favorite part of the day. Mainly cuz we both live off of turkey sandwiches or five dollar footlongs, and granola bars during our respective jobs, and we really enjoy cooking together!! Bryan always gets very excited about grilling and he always wants texts me during the day asking what I put out for dinner; very cute! Some of Bryans grilled masterpieces this week include salmon and nikkis famous stirfry. Since my only real expertise is soups, I made some taco soup this week with our fancy new crockpot. I had all the plans in the world to make some tuna noodle casserole tonight[Bryan loves tuna], but I am going to save it for a friday thats my only lenten dinner idea that I have...

Another new update-I got my first pair of glasses yesterday. I can see soo much better, but they are so hard to get used to!

Well I have a chemistry test today and Bryan keeps asking me if I am studying to which I have been replying,"No. Just blogging right now I will later." I better get studying I have a fieldtrip at 1, going to the court house to sit in on some real civil law in action lol.

So until next time have a fabulous day love,son.

PS-im soo excited im going to the gap outlet tomorrow I hope I find some good deals:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some pictures of us having fun!

Us at our favorite sporting event! Go Bengals!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2008 (Bryan as the joker and Sonny as a pirate! arrrgh)

Kings Island Fearfest..
The little guys behind us were having fun too! Picture courtesy of Nicole Wagner.

Our typical cheesin' picture =)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Even though we have a very busy weekend full of work activities, TGIF! I dont work at my day job during on weekends which is a good thing, but the weekend is my only time to work at Jeff Ruby's!! Even though it is work and I do get paid for it, I have a lot of fun(unless my feet hurt). Bryan has to work this weekend at an open house in Indy. He has also been very busy at night planning and getting ready for supercross next week. So it looks like tonight we will be counting jerseys all night..(our basement is PACKED with them)!!

Bryan hooked up his new XM radio I got him for valentine's day last night while I was in class. He LOVES it. He keeps texting me about hip hop nation his favorite channel so far..He also made a bunch of stickers for our helmets and even one for nicole's skis that says SIS! (sorryb another sis inside joke)

I applied for the Procter and Gamble Co-op program today, wish me luck apparently its super hard to even get a first interview!!!

have a good friday <3 dun

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planning our trip to Utah...

Bryan and I are planning a trip to Utah, April 23-26. Our primary reason for visiting is to see Nicole,Bryans sister, well our 'sis' as we call Nikki moved to Salt Lake right before christmas and we all miss her very much! We are also going because the SLC supercross is that weekend, and Bryan is very excited to see his buddy Ryan Sipes race there. You cant forget shopping, shopping is a great reason to do anything! I have been looking all day and I cant find any cheap rates anywhere! If anyone has any tips please let us know

Other than that everthing is great as usual! I am going to Willies tonight with my mom and her group of friends for her birthday (2.19) as well as cleaning and homework. I know Bryan is sad he wont be home for it, cleaning and helping me with my homework are his 2 favorite things =)


Monday, February 16, 2009

our first blog!

Welcome to our blog! We don't really have any time to write tonight, bryan has a 3 day trip planned this week and we are packing him up! I'm actually blogging from my blackberry. Bryan will be heading to Bloomington and
Indy, and Sonny will stay at her moms so she is not lonely.... We miss each a ton when he is away, but its his job and it brings home the bacon! We are both looking forward to willys thursday when he gets home. Well that's all for now

Thanks for viewing, Bronny