Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planning our trip to Utah...

Bryan and I are planning a trip to Utah, April 23-26. Our primary reason for visiting is to see Nicole,Bryans sister, well our 'sis' as we call Nikki moved to Salt Lake right before christmas and we all miss her very much! We are also going because the SLC supercross is that weekend, and Bryan is very excited to see his buddy Ryan Sipes race there. You cant forget shopping, shopping is a great reason to do anything! I have been looking all day and I cant find any cheap rates anywhere! If anyone has any tips please let us know

Other than that everthing is great as usual! I am going to Willies tonight with my mom and her group of friends for her birthday (2.19) as well as cleaning and homework. I know Bryan is sad he wont be home for it, cleaning and helping me with my homework are his 2 favorite things =)