Monday, February 16, 2009

our first blog!

Welcome to our blog! We don't really have any time to write tonight, bryan has a 3 day trip planned this week and we are packing him up! I'm actually blogging from my blackberry. Bryan will be heading to Bloomington and
Indy, and Sonny will stay at her moms so she is not lonely.... We miss each a ton when he is away, but its his job and it brings home the bacon! We are both looking forward to willys thursday when he gets home. Well that's all for now

Thanks for viewing, Bronny


  1. Hey guys are am the first one to comment on your first blog!! I will look forward to reading this as you two keep me posted on what is happening in your lives! Have a safe trip Bry, dont forget your seatbelt! XOXO MOM