Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another 1st..

Bryan mowed for the first time last night(just the front yard) and I snapped a picture! He looks so cute, too bad our grass isnt!

Monday, March 30, 2009



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mexican Monday!

Even though it is Tuesday I am blogging about Mexican Monday (I went to bed at 8:15 last night, that is what happens after a blowout grillout that lasted until 11 pm Sunday night)

So anyone that knows us knows we LOVE Mexican and LOVE LOVE Chipotle!! Bryan found all the recipes at www.chipotlefan.com!! We made the rice, chicken, and grilled peppers and onions just like they do. I dont have any pictures. uhh.

If you like Chipotle too you should definitley try it, it doesnt fill you up as much when you make it at home.

Did anyone watch Jon and Kate plus 8 last night? If so please fill me in :)

Have a good day! I still have 8.5 hours ofwork left, and Bryan isnt even awake yet to text me and keep me from falling asleep ...

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have fridays off which is totally worth working 10 hours M-TH I have decided!! I woke up with Bryan this morning (which is still sleeping in 3 hours for me) and went to the store. Well 3 actually ha! I made the motherload of grocery lists and went to different places for different deals! Boy did it pay off though! I spent half of what I usually do, and got way healthier stuff! It warrants a trip to the Gap i believe  :) 

Anyway I just got finished cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing everything. Now its time for Oprah. ha. Thank goodness the one spot I get wireless on my laptop is in front of the television! 

We are going to the Arenacross at NKU tonight, it should be fun! We got 5 free tickets so we are bringing WhoopD (aka Scott, Bryan's dad), Bryans friend Kyle, and Bryans little Tristan!!! I am very excited to meet Tristan it is his and Bryan's first outing outside of school! Bryan had to quit doing the in-school mentoring program because he got a lot more territory ( and $ lol) and it makes his job too demanding to be with his little during business hours. 

Tomorrow we are both working. Not so fun, but Sunday Bryan is racing and I am soo excited because it is outside!! 

 OFFICIAL Countdown to UTAH and SLC SUPERCROSS= 31 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps- I got a 100% on my chemistry exam last night!! woo hoo. I will know my business law midterm score from yesterday by Monday, and I am feeling very confident!

have a fabulous weekend blog friends !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I stumbled upon a winner..

Yesterday I Was just in one of those moods where nothing sounded good, I wanted a nap, and was going to scream if I had another stir fry variation for dinner. So i found this online and it was soooo good :) everyone should definitley try it! We even ate dinner out on the porch and got mosquito bites!!! -not as fun


** I am not one to measure, and I like to just do whatever I think is good at the time... here is the original http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Taco-Pies/Detail.aspx***

I took one pound of ground beef and browned it with hot taco seasoning, some hot sauce, and water. Then i simmered it with a can of tomato with chiles

I cooked my frozen pie crust for about 10 min at 350 before i lined it with refried beans

Then chop a half of a large onion and some red, green, and yellow bell peppers.

Layer meat, shredded cheese, sliced jalapenos, a little HOT salsa, onion/pepper mixture, meat, cheese, sliced jalapenos, salsa, so on...

Top with crumbled tortillas before you put the top crust on.

Bryan also threw some extra cheese on top for good measure lol

Just bake according to the crust instructions. I had to turn the oven on broil after 15 minutes so the top would get crispy and brown.

We topped with shredded lettuce, sour cream, and some jalapeno sauce. Pico de gallo guac would have been very good if we had it..

Next time ill try to remember a picture !!! enjoyy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meeting McKenna Wagner, Grandmas birthday, and other fun stuff!!!

This weekend was fun. On Friday we went to Andrew and Brit's to give lileigh her birthday presents! We got her a swing that they can hang from the porch and a picnic table so this summer she can hang out outside :)

This is a picture of her and I on her new swing for the first time.. the reason it looks like I am holding her up is cuz I am, ha, I was a little nervous about how Uncle Bryan attached it to the ceiling!

We also got to meet someone special while we were there, the new baby girl!! Her name is Mckenna Paisleigh Wagner !!!!!!!!! She is almost 7 days old and looks just like her big sister lileigh!

On Saturday I had to work at Ruby's and Bryan went riding. He had so much fun and cant wait to race next weekend. He wore his brand new gear and looked very cute dont you think ;)

SUNDAY-my favorite day of the week! My grandmas birthday! Well actually her birthday is today but her party was Sunday. All my pictures from the party are at home and im at work so I am relying on Bryans myspace pics for this blog!! We brought our 110 to my aunt sherry's and rode it all over the winery by her house.

The homeade carrot cake that was very yummy!!!

After that we came home and sat in our new chairs finally, and enjoyed doing absolutely NOTHING until it got dark... perfect weekend =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

lovin the warm weather =)

we are sick, and its terrible! NyQuil and DayQuil have been our saviors this week...

On a brighter note- The weather is AMAZING!! I cant think of a better way to spend the nice afternoon than on our super cute new chairs i picked up yesterday, check out these bad boys....
and yes i did get lime green!Bryan gets home today from his indy trip, and we are getting our new FOX stuff tonight----very exciting ! I got some luggage for Nikki for her birthday and of course some for myself. We are taking like 4 vacations this year after all I will need something to carry all my stuff in..Bryan also got Nikki some more birthday gifts and some sweaters.

Speaking of birthdays.. Bryans godchild Lileighana Rose Wagner turned one this past week; she is getting so big AND is walking now!!

Tomorrow is my day off and I REALLY wanna go to IKEA we will see if I make it there. It is honestly the coolest place ever. Almost everything in our house is from there and let me tell you we have some super AWESOME stuff! Maybe I can talk Bryan into going too and stopping at red robin(california chicken burgers are the best)!! This is the rug I have really had my eye on..

love, bronny

Monday, March 2, 2009

our weekend!! and finished 110

THE NEW 110!!!

we went to the brand new lucas oil stadium in indy for the monster energy supercross! so much fun.. We got there at about 1 and the final race ended about 9. After the race we went to the official after party, which was sponsored by FOX. So of course we were vip ha. We stayed at an amazing hotel in monument circle (I think thats what its called), thanks for finding it sue!!

One of the most memorable things beside the race was our HILARIOUS cab ride, oh and also seeing our whoopd on the jumbotron ha.>>>

I don't really get all technical with the races and everything like Bryan does, but Chad Reed is my favorite and he won(1st time this year; always gets 2nd)! So I was super pumped. =)