Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meeting McKenna Wagner, Grandmas birthday, and other fun stuff!!!

This weekend was fun. On Friday we went to Andrew and Brit's to give lileigh her birthday presents! We got her a swing that they can hang from the porch and a picnic table so this summer she can hang out outside :)

This is a picture of her and I on her new swing for the first time.. the reason it looks like I am holding her up is cuz I am, ha, I was a little nervous about how Uncle Bryan attached it to the ceiling!

We also got to meet someone special while we were there, the new baby girl!! Her name is Mckenna Paisleigh Wagner !!!!!!!!! She is almost 7 days old and looks just like her big sister lileigh!

On Saturday I had to work at Ruby's and Bryan went riding. He had so much fun and cant wait to race next weekend. He wore his brand new gear and looked very cute dont you think ;)

SUNDAY-my favorite day of the week! My grandmas birthday! Well actually her birthday is today but her party was Sunday. All my pictures from the party are at home and im at work so I am relying on Bryans myspace pics for this blog!! We brought our 110 to my aunt sherry's and rode it all over the winery by her house.

The homeade carrot cake that was very yummy!!!

After that we came home and sat in our new chairs finally, and enjoyed doing absolutely NOTHING until it got dark... perfect weekend =)


  1. Welcome to blogging Sonny and Bryan!

    Just found your Mom's blog and thought I would stop by and say Hello.

    Have a wonderful day.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comments and becoming a follower of my blog.
    I do appreciate it.

    You're always welcome! :)

  3. I just wanted to comment on what an adorable couple you two make!
    Your Mom said that you two were adorable, but now it is here for all to see!
    I hope you Mom is feeling fine...Be sure to pamper her today! She is a very wonderful person!

  4. cake looks delicious! It makes me want to bake a cake for our company tomorrow . . .