Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its official I am a zookeeper!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been on in forever, but we no longer have internet at our house :( it so depressing. I know. I never thought I would be so dependent on the world wide web. ugh. We are moving in 8 weeks so instead of signing a contract we are just using my blackberry for email and stuff.

So on to the title of my post, I have now become a professional dogsitter. Its a pretty sweet way to occupy your time. Bryan could not disagree more. We were planning on getting a new puppy when we moved into the new house, but as of now we arent.

So I have a few pics from our trip out to Utah like a month ago...Finally I am able to post them..

This is Bryan, myself, Nikki, and her boyfriend Powell

Us on the bottom of the mountain overlooking downtown SLC!!!

Bryan and I in front of the Mormon temple- This was really interesting since Bryan and I are both Catholic we didnt know anything about the LDS church. We both learned a lot and we had a great tour guide, Powell :). And all the flowers were absolutely AMAZING !!!!

I also have a bunch of pictures from the supercross, but since I am still sad that Chad Reed did not win I will not post any of them, ha.

There is always outdoors tho, and I hope hope he wins at red bud and highpoint cuz we will be there and it will be super fun! :)

Bryan on our 110 in his parents front yard doing some bmx jumps.

Monday, May 11, 2009


we have been very busy. and I have very sad news.

. . . our internet is no longer working. When I tell people that they are like well just call to get it fixed. Its not like that. We steal it from our neighbor ( he knows, he gave us the password is that still stealing?) Well anyway its very depressing. I am at my school on the computer to fulfill my daily fix.. It is pointless to get it ourselves now we are moving in a month and a half. So it looks like we will be roughing it. Well not totally we still have our phones with internet..

Well Bryan raced for the first time with his new bike. It still doesnt even have one hour on it! lol Well he ended up crashing and still coming back to 4th and he is not hurt so I am very happy about how everything went. whew. I wasnt at the race bcuz honestly who has a freakin dirtbike race on mothers day ?!?!?!?

Last Week was finals week. I did awesome I think! ha I ended up with a 3.5 for the semester. I am very nervous about summer though everyone keeps telling me my load is too heavy but I am just going to show everyone wrong, and get help from my math minor boyfriend ( honestly I havent had math in 3 years I am scared)!!

How was everyones mothers day? I hope amazing! .

Well I am going to go to Lowes and buy some flowers to plant in a flower box. Ah I love flowers!!! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Its been forever!

Well since our last post....

Bryan got his new 09 honda 250!!!

I got a 100% on that group project I did alone :)

we may have found THE

oh yeah and vacation!!!!

well more about this all later the wireless is sucking right now and I cant upload any more pictures