Friday, February 20, 2009


Even though we have a very busy weekend full of work activities, TGIF! I dont work at my day job during on weekends which is a good thing, but the weekend is my only time to work at Jeff Ruby's!! Even though it is work and I do get paid for it, I have a lot of fun(unless my feet hurt). Bryan has to work this weekend at an open house in Indy. He has also been very busy at night planning and getting ready for supercross next week. So it looks like tonight we will be counting jerseys all night..(our basement is PACKED with them)!!

Bryan hooked up his new XM radio I got him for valentine's day last night while I was in class. He LOVES it. He keeps texting me about hip hop nation his favorite channel so far..He also made a bunch of stickers for our helmets and even one for nicole's skis that says SIS! (sorryb another sis inside joke)

I applied for the Procter and Gamble Co-op program today, wish me luck apparently its super hard to even get a first interview!!!

have a good friday <3 dun

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  1. Sounds like you guys are way busy! Which is a good way to be! Keep it up and keep reaching for the stars and you will achieve all of your dreams! Mom