Thursday, August 6, 2009


I will be sitting here all day and night having an anxiety attack because i am terrified of needles, anesthesia, and just overall everything. Tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth cut out in the morning. Please pray from me that I do not hyperventilate or go into shock. Also pray for my sister who was suckered into taking me. May she have the strength to drag me in by my ear when its all said and done.

The next hardest part besides actually going there will be not eating or drinking for 8 hours prior. I am one of those girls who drinks like 15 glasses of water a day, and MUST have breakfast to function. My surgery isnt until 10:45. eh. I guess I shouldnt have put this off for 4 years and I would already have them done and be fine..

everyone have a good weekend!!!!

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  1. Love your blog too! Good luck tomm, saying a prayer for you!=)