Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend and such..

Friday night we went to the lil wayne concert. we had the coolest ponchos so the rain didnt even matter. so fun!

Labor day weekend is going to be so awesome! Bryans grandparents have an amazing house in Lafolette TN, and we are going with some friends for the weeekend to boat on Norris Lake and just have fun! Its going to be the first time we are hanging out with all our friends since we got engaged, and we are having a mexican themed night so it shall be AWESOME!

This is us from the same trip last year!

Also-statistics is terrible too much homework that is way too confusing, and the closing date for our house has moved back. only small holdups on our journey to forever. we will keep you posted..


  1. Have a great time on Labor Day weekend!

  2. Way to stay positive on all of lifes curves and turns!