Monday, July 20, 2009


This weekend is our yard sale...I am praying we sell everything and make some money. Since money is easier to move out of a house than large furniture. Bryan has already put an ad on craigslist and we are going to make up some shnazzy flyers tonight to put around our neighborhood.

Since breaking my arm 7 weeks ago I am doing physical therapy which is going great, I dont have full movement yet(without pain) but I started resistance on Thursday I hope I continue to make a ton of progress each week like I have been. As soon as I can loosen up my shoulder muscles I will be doing soo much better. Yesterday we went tubing on the whitewater river. Amazingly it was pretty warm in the water for only being 75 outside! We had a great time and I did really well without my brace and using my arm. Bryan wants to go next Sunday already!

Besides that I have deemed this week 'paper' week, since I have 5 papers due. Which is odd since i am only in FOUR classes... Talk to everyone soon! <3 BRONNY

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  1. Glad to hear that your arm is healing up nicely!
    I wish you much luck on your garage sale!